What did these brands do right?

Educate, Engage & Persuade!!

Dimitrije Kovacevic

One of the most cost effective tools for a purposeful outreach is social media. Yet, so many companies miss the mark with this powerful medium by not utilizing each opportunity to educate, engage and persuade their customers.

Social media not only keeps the followers in the loop with what’s happening at yourcompany, but also serves as a tool to re-nurture and engage with consumers.

Let’s look at five successful brands in UAE that had high impact social media strategies which changed their business


1.  From being a restaurant with a narrow audience, Tom and Serg has become one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai through the help of an engaging social media presence.

They have been able to pull in customers through creative Facebook and Instagram strategies. Tom and Serg were consistent in the content provided; they exploited the sweet spot of hunger and indulgence through their social media pages.

Why was their digital strategy successful?

  • The restaurant devised a heavy social media strategy; being on every bloggers page, Facebook sponsored ads, and every foodies’ wish list. .

  • They constantly posted tempting photos of most popular dishes

  • 11
  • They encouraged food fanatics to give their opinions; resulting in online brand communication

This is an example of Tom and Serg giving deals to their patrons if they “like” their page – emphasizing engagement marketing.

Learning Point: Consistently engage your audience and have a meaningful presence on all social platforms.


2.  Careem, a local cab booking service that makes it convenient for people to book a cab on a daily basis came up with the idea to create their own mobile application to increase customer base.

Did you know? Careem was initially founded as a website-based service for corporate car bookings, and it then evolved to become an app after demand increased, shifting away from being a car service targeted at corporate clients to a service targeting individuals looking to book a local car hire for everyday use.

According to a research done by Global Media Insight, 52% of the UAE population uses social media applications. So why not take advantage of that?The brand took this study seriously and implemented strategies that lead to their success.

How did careem succeed?

  • • Careem app provided customers to book a cab easily and be user friendly. The User Interface and Experience of the mobile app is intuitive and hassle-free. As a result, customers were happy and returned to use the service.


    • Careem is a classic example of not just a good product but an incredible customer service oriented company. They send personalized emails to reconnect with their customers, that may have not used Careem for a while.

  • • They also gave free rides to their customers when a fire broke out in Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina, demonstrating true care for their audience in times of tragedy.

    • Look at the results: According to our research, there were 50% more users that have signed up to the service in 2015 than in 2014. We are not surprised


Learning point: A good product or a service needs to have a ‘Mobile First’ approach backed up a simple user experience and an even better customer experience. A brands growth is then guaranteed.


3.  Deliveroorecently tried to spice things up with low-priced promotional events, trying to help boost engagement and conversions. They had the idea to sell AED 1 pizzas from various small pizzerias.

What went wrong?

Despite having a brilliant campaign, Deliveroo failed miserably. Reasons were simple – the strategy was good, but not so the execution.

  • They underestimated the demand

  • Their website, logistics and supply chain were not geared up to cater for this overflow of demand, which lead to extremely unhappy customers

  • To top that, there was a major gap in basic customer service, and communication added to the campaign debacle.

  • Their Twitter and Facebook accounts were flooded with customer complaints, even though this campaign itself induced a very good mean of outreach.

  • Deliveroo was incapable to deal with angry customers; the outrage was captured by leading Dubai bloggers.

  • Not having a good crisis management which lead to the highly anticipated campaign turning into a failure.

  • • The way in which they communicated with their audience was very unprofessional and made customers even more frustrated.

Learning Point: Your strategy may be brilliant, but it needs to be followed with an even better execution plan.

4.  The newly launched fitness brand, Guavapass, is steadily becoming popular in the UAE. The fitness center caters to gym enthusiasts by allowing them to visit multiple gyms and workout facilities, all with one membership.

By providing readers with trustworthy information that’s not packaged in the form of a direct advertisement, it gave the brand the opportunity to educate and drive sales.

How did guavapass stand out?

  • Guavapass designed a personalized mobile app that provides full information about the classes, location, timing, and a google map integration. This allows the members to access all information with a single click.

  • They go beyond just their core services by extending and offering discounts from healthy food chains and sports brands.  – This is a classic example of a brand that is trying to deliver true value to its customers.

With such kind of a creative approach, every brand can innovate ways to incentivize their members and customers to become loyal their loyal brand advocates.

Learning Point: Think from your customer’s point of view if you want to stand out and create an incredible force of loyal brand advocates.

5.  Even if a consumer can hear and see you, how can your brand be noticed and remembered?

Fume sparked a conservation with their ‘freakshake’.

How did their approach stand out?

  • Taking an ordinary household dish that is liked by all age groups and adding a twist to it.

  • Coming up with a creative and innovative concept that can excite their audience.

  • Instead of posting images of their dishes, Fume posted making of freakshake videos, which made everyone crave for one

  • This simple trick lead intriguing brand communication and increase in consumer involvement

Learning point: Sometimes simplicity and showing the product from a different perspective is the best marketing approach.

Regardless of which industry a brand comes from, strategies such as these are not just cost effective but can be extremely successful to build an emotional connection with your customers. One of the most effective tools at our disposal for achieving purposeful outreach is re-nurturing and engaging social media. Is it time for your brand to be now acknowledged as well?

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