‘Tis the digital media season!

How Christmas Shopping has affected Digital Media?


It looked like there was a lot less work for Santa this year. Instead of writing their wish list down on paper, shoppers were pinning their gift wishes and buying through social media platforms. According to statistics, the 2015 holiday shopping season was a huge success for digital retailers.

For the first time ever, more people shopped online than in stores between Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend.

Even though this shouldn’t come as a surprise, marketers still struggle to put themselves in front of the right consumers and grab their attention.

A new study found out that shoppers turn to social media platforms for inspirations:

  • 38% turn to Facebook

  • 32% turn to Pinterest

  • 6% turn to Instagram

Facebook’s new retail-specific Dynamic Ads were created to make it easier for consumers to shop when and where it suits them best. The ads include links to the products on a retailer’s website and gives the consumer the ability to see similar products at a nearby store.

Pinterest’s visual search tools and ability to create virtual holiday gift guides offer shoppers a simple way to curate their shopping lists.

This type of information can be very useful, as marketers can now better understand their customers allowing them to influence and convert them into holiday customers.

It’s beginning to look a lot like
Christmas . . . a lot earlier

Due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, the online buying trends have shifted the holiday shopping schedule. Binge shopping is becoming less popular amongst consumers extending the whole shopping season. Due to digital allowing you to purchase 24/7, consumers are already starting their shopping duties in September and extending it all the way to late December.


According to data conducted by Ipsos and Magnetic:

  • 25% of gift shoppers purchase their gifts a few months ahead of the holidays

  • Of the 79% of people who search online for gifts, more than a third start searches a few months before

  • 17% search all year long

Independent on what segment of consumers your brand wishes to target, whether its early birds, last-minute or belated post-Christmas shoppers, you must prepare your campaign in advance allowing you to reach people with a wide spectrum of shopping behaviors and schedules.


Consumers are dreaming of a discounted Christmas

A large amount of people starts looking for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for their holiday shopping season. However, they do more than just look on the day of sales. Instead, with digital deals coming up everywhere weeks in advance, from inboxes to social media, shoppers head into the sales-focused weekend ready to make their purchases.

According to Ipsos and Magnetic:

  • 70% of people learned about promotions through email

  • 64% from searching online

  • 56% through online sales

  • 38% from social networks

The spectacular aspect about the shift to digital marketing is that it allows marketers to effectively measure people’s online behaviors and use that information to set up their own holiday marketing efforts. As consumers are using digital media to help them discover new product deals and keep up with their favorite brands, smart marketers are using digital media as part of their retail strategy throughout the holidays.