Digital landscape for rapidly growing retail industry of Middle East.

Digital landscape for rapidly growing retail industry of Middle East.


In the rapid succession of digital tools, every industry needs to adapt to a meaningful virtual presence. Retail sector being the biggest consumer industry in the UAE, its digital reformation is a necessity.

Big or small, all retail brands need to stand out with originality to grow. This can be created by devising a niche strategy which pulls the consumers closer and puts the brand at the top of their minds for future purchases.

Purchase Journey Evolution

Over the years, purchase cycle of consumers has changed. Buyers need convenience, innovation, and originality that appeals to their psychology. They need a product or service that will induce excitement in them and provide a sense of enrichment.

Currently as of 2016, there are a vast array of retailers that are booming in their digital venture with remarkable ROI, and growing customer base . Local and international brands in UAE need to focus on creatin g a balance between their shop floor and onl ine presence to flourish .

Shoppers today are influenced by the way social media defines a brand. Their loyalty is inclined towards a brand that is digitally active.

They trust the digital advocates like bloggers, social media activists, their friends or groups, more than celebr ity endorsements or print ads. The buyer today loves to think and characterize an opinion more than being a blind follower.

With the growing number of social media influencers from Middle East it’s clear that consumers are evolving, leading the brands to explore and be more inventive.

Future of Buying.

The retail brands ne ed to recognize the futur e buyers; the millennials, and generation Z. Our research indicated that Middle East will be the leading consumer globally . Future buyers will be partial to the brand that only has a strong digital influence. Digital portals like websites, mobile applications, strong social media pag es, and digital campaigns will be the most significant reference points for all shoppers.

As we progress and tip toe to t he world of the digital realm, brands in UAE will have to implement a practical digita l approach with an authenticity th at drives increased sales.

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